‘Imagineering’ Recruitment Software at #TruLondon – Supported by Colleague Software »

Colleague Software is excited to announce its support for @BillBoorman’s #TruLondon Unconference and its sponsorship of the ‘Imagineering Recruitment Software’ track on 22nd February in central London.

#TruLondon is ‘a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where the attendees lead the conversation’, offering a great opportunity for Colleague to learn from and share with leading innovators in the recruitment industry.

Colleague Software wants to find out what recruiters and candidates really want and need recruitment software to do in 2012 – especially in light of the rise of social and mobile recruiting and the consequent need to adapt and evolve technology to meet new ways of recruiting.

This innovative, unique research opportunity will be shared with the recruitment industry in a post-event white paper and a webinar on what recruiters think the recruitment software of tomorrow needs.

In the spirit of research and innovation Colleague Software is currently giving away a free #TruLondon ticket worth £200 from a draw of participants who take 2 minutes of their time to complete the ‘Little Recruitment Software Survey 2012′. Other prizes also include tickets to a Recruitment International RPO Event, a UK Recrutier Practioner Only Event and a free digital book ‘Inbound Recruiter: Headhunter and Headhunted’ by Brian Johnston.

Bill Boorman, #TruLondon organiser, said:

“Colleague want to look at how recruiting software could be with a little Imagineering, and will be running a track to see what recruiters and candidates really want, and they want to learn by listening rather than talking. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Thanks to the team at Colleague for supporting #trulondon.”

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