A quick example of how to find people using exercism.io!


We have a new tool to go over with you! We are showing you a new site called exercism.io. The site was built to bring together developers, as a community for learning, like many others that we’ve reviewed. What can it do for you? Well, let’s poke around together and see what we can find.

At first glance, we have all these categories, broken out by programming language. One cool thing you will notice is that they have designated mentors for each category. We can assume that these people are good at what they do, and are probably experts in their field. Good to know!

The mentors do have profiles with links and contact information, but it’s not proving too easy to get to other member links. Don’t get discouraged! Let’s get a little creative. We are going to take that profile base URL and use it for a little X-Ray search and see what happens:

“site:exercism.io/profiles java”


Would you look at that! We have a search result of almost 100 profiles that have Java listed. But what now you ask? When I click on these profile links, we don’t see any contact information. Look closer, and notice that it gives us a photo and a name. We take that photo and do a little Google image search, add the person’s name with it.

Boom, we get a GitHub profile result with a profile, title, company, email, and social links. Done!

So that’s it! This is how simple it can be to find people, literally anywhere. Put this one in your back pocket.

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: