Hiretual feature update


Hiretual Pro has released a new update that packs in a lot of new features. The most notable addition is the new Insight section. This section allows you to conduct a great deal of research that will help you when sourcing talent. Furthermore, it displays this information in a neat and easy to read format.

The new “Insight” feature can be found as one of the tabs along the right side of the app. Once selected, this feature will allow you to conduct a search as usual, inputting terms such as “title,” “company,” location,” “skill,” etc. However, instead of simply showing you a list of candidates, the Insight tool shows you research about everyone who fits the criteria.

  • First, it displays how many people fit your criteria, and how many of those people have changed jobs in the past year.
  • Next, it shows you easy to read graphs in a number of categories. These graphs display the number of people that fit your search terms that work at a certain company or have a certain skill, etc.
  • For example, if you search for people with the title of “Developer” who have “java” as a skill, you may find out that 1.2% of developers who know java work at IBM, or that almost 2% are based in London.
  • The Insight tool provides graphs for Title, Company, Past Company, Skills, Location, Years of Experience, Industry, Degree, School, and Major.

These new tools make it easy to see where most of the talent is coming from, and where to start your search.

Along with the Insight feature, individual candidate profiles have been enhanced. When you view a candidate you are now given valuable information such as market value, likely availability, and expertise.

The new updates to Hiretual Pro make it the perfect place to conduct the research portion of your sourcing lifestyle. ~ Noel Cocca


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