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WORTHING, England, April 16, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Hasson Associates bases entire recruitment infrastructure around recruitment agency software, Bond Adapt –

Hasson Associates, a market research recruitment specialist, has enjoyed ongoing success and a strong professional relationship with Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment agency software & human capital management software & services, since deploying Bond Adapt staffing agency software in July 2008.

Since first deployment, Hasson Associates has enhanced its recruitment system and has grown substantially, including a four-fold internal headcount increase, with Bond Adapt providing support for the entire infrastructure.

Hasson Associates was founded in January 2008 by Sinead Hasson, who at the time had 14 years experience in market research recruitment. Prior to the implementation of staffing agency software, Bond Adapt, in July 2008, the company was storing candidate details in spreadsheets – a manual process which was immensely time-consuming and restrictive.

Hasson Associates therefore required a user-friendly recruitment system that enabled it to improve the efficiency of its service and manage relationships effectively, especially in light of its ever-increasing database of candidates. After conducting a thorough market review, trialling five other recruitment agency software solutions, Hasson Associates concluded that Bond Adapt was the easiest to use, the most suited to its specific needs, as well as the most scalable and cost-effective.

Hasson Associates deployed the latest version of staffing agency software, Bond Adapt, to provide the foundations for the entire recruitment system – from searching the database for relevant candidates to providing all elements of CRM activity for the candidate and client alike.

Recruitment agency software, Bond Adapt, has been fundamental in the rapid success and growth that Hasson Associates has enjoyed in its four years of operation. The company was shortlisted for the ‘Best Newcomer Agency’ in the 2010 Recruiter Awards for Excellence and has seen its requirement for Adapt user licenses increase from two to nine in this short period.

Sinead Hasson, Managing Director, Hasson Associates, comments, “As our business grew, accumulating more and more clients and candidates, it became essential to find a software solution which allowed us to streamline our candidate search and placement processes and store candidate information securely. Some recruitment packages that we had previously come across were particularly cumbersome to use, often requiring excessive data entry and overall management. Our principle requirement was therefore for a product that gathered all the information needed, processed it and stored it, but that also actively helped our team in placing candidates with our clients – it wasn’t enough to just be a data repository, it had to make our processes more efficient.- Bond Adapt offered us all of this with the least disruptive, yet most cost effective package.”

Hasson concludes, “We have used Adapt very effectively since its implementation in July 2008 which, in turn, has facilitated our rapid expansion and success. We enjoy a strong working relationship with Bond: the helpdesk for example, is always available and receptive to our queries, a facility which has been invaluable to us as a developing business.”

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