Employee Resource Groups Can Open Doors And Minds

Employee Resource Groups Can Open Doors And Minds

2020 was a watershed year for so many reasons – some good…some bad. One positive that emerged from the summer was the cultural conversation shifting to that of equality and justice in all facets of life. This important dialogue rose to prominence in the workplace as well, where we collectively took a hard look at diversity at all levels of business. 

My company, DailyPay, actually did a study this summer and it was revealed that 60% of those polled look for a company with diversity in leadership when deciding on when job searching, and 63% of respondents say having women in corporate senior leadership roles is good for business. Those numbers are certainly encouraging.

However, a great way to ensure your voice is heard in your company is to set up an Employee Resource Group (ERG). Having a safe space to share and voice opinions and create professional growth opportunities is empowering. ERG groups have the ability not just to inspire and enlighten its membership, but the company as a whole. 

When employees feel like they have a seat at the table, it strengthens their connection to the company and their coworkers – and it makes it a more attractive place to work. ERG groups also are a great resource for your company to create events and internal programs that will help educate and inform the staff which can have a major impact in connecting with a wider and more diverse audience.

An inclusive and welcoming corporate culture

But it’s not just about driving revenue. It’s about establishing an inclusive and welcoming corporate culture which are among the top priorities for today’s job seekers. 

From Day 1 at DailyPay, championing diversity has been a value we keep sacred. The first (ERG) – DailyWomen – which I co-chair, was formed back in 2016 when the company had just 22 employees and was in early development stages.

The following year DailyGay, a group striving to strengthen and broaden relationships among LGBTQIA+ team members, their allies, and the organization at large through sustained, healthy and supportive dialogue, was born.

In 2019, The DailyNoire Employee Resource Group was formed for African American/Black employees who work to create an inclusive environment for all African American/Black employees at DailyPay via diverse initiatives, networking, cultural events, and social gatherings. 


A foundation of open communication

These groups have provided a foundation of open communication with senior leadership that is critical during these challenging times. It’s so important to know that your ideas matter and to have a supportive community within the company.  

On a personal level, DailyWomen has given me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned during my personal career path and hopefully provide some guidance to the next generation of female business leaders in Fintech, an industry previously dominated by men. But those days of exclusivity are hopefully ending in all industries. Because when we tell prospective candidates about our company’s diversity and the importance of ERGs, it signals our commitment to inclusivity.

Because today, through the empowerment of the ERGs, our members, and our allies, there are no barriers that can’t be broken. 


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Employee Resource Groups Can Open Doors And Minds


Michelle Bonavitacola

Michelle Bonavitacola manages revenue enablement initiatives for our go-to-market teams. Over the past three+ years with DailyPay, Michelle has been instrumental in developing the sales process, building out the sales development team, founding our training program and other strategic revenue initiatives. Her success as a leader building driven, high performing teams, continuously contributes to DailyPay’s accelerated growth.