Dean Da Costa is at it again with his nuggets of wisdom! I have spent hours sifting through messy and convoluted data scraping tools and chrome extensions. They were either integrated into a paid platform or too complicated (and I code for fun in my free time for some reason)  I can proclaim that Instant Data Scraper is where the magic is at! You’re a click away from a beautiful and fulfilling relationship with a chrome extension! (i am so lonely)

Watch Dean use this tool while scouring the Latino Corporate Executive Organization website, a great place to look for diversity hires in high level positions!

The nuts and bolts of this free scraping tool:

Instant Data Scraper has a straightforward design, and does what you need it to in about 2 or 3 clicks. Like I mentioned, there’s a smorgasbord of other scraping tools out there that are just a tad too complex for me to bother with. They usually require you to make a scraping profile for each website and map out data points, ew.

This chrome extension kinda just…guesses. and it guesses VERY intelligently.  It even assumes you’re searching through a database that has multiple pages, so you can tell it where the “next” button is and watch it do its magic.  You might need to spend a little time cleaning up the CSV contact file afterwards, but thats a relatively straightforward process.

So, whats there to complain about? I’d say it can’t handle databases without a proper next button. If the page list has no clickable arrows or next button, this extension literally can’t handle life. Those non-standard databases are few and far between. It just so happens that in this video, the Latino Corporate Directors Association database has that exact problem.

Only a few buttons, but they get the job done!

A few weeks back I tried to scour the chrome extension library for a proper scraping tool so I could write an article about it. I failed, they all sucked and I felt defeated….then he sent me this video. This just shows that if Dean has this tool in the “pinned” section of his chrome window, you probably should too!

GEM Recruiting AI

This is a free extension that we have no paid affiliation with or any of that jazz, we just want to make the sourcing community’s lives easier. When it comes to easy and free scraping tools I think this one shines pretty darn bright.

Dean links and upcoming events:

Dean Da Costa provides a lot of amazing sourcing tools and techniques for the community. He always has a free page of Sourcing tools, links, and other resources that we highly recommend you check out!

Snag that snazzy, free scraping tool: Instant Data Scraper!

Shout out to the Latino Corporate Executive Organization for proudly representing their heritage and talents! Their member list can be viewed here.

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Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa is a highly experienced and decorated staffing professional, recruiter, sourcer and manager, who also boasts outstanding experience and skills in Human Resources, Project Management, Training, and Process Improvement. He is best known for his work in the highly difficult security and mobile arena's, and the gold star winning numbers he produced. His keen insight and creation of ground breaking tools and processes, to enhance and change staffing as we know it, have proven he is a true "Staffing Thought Leader". Despite all this he remains first and foremost one of the top sourcers, staffing managers and full cycle recruiters in the industry and a true "Search Authority"

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