is an automated sales and recruiting pipeline builder. “It is an innovative, top of funnel redesign to inject speed, $avings, and best practices into your scaling and filtering efforts.” 

It builds the pipeline in three ways:

  • Find – Basic Contact Information
  • Enrich – Deeper Information, additional emails, and social contact info.
  • Engage – Automated Formatted Outreach

If used properly, this tool can save you hours in manual data searches and list creation.

Below you can see Dean DaCostas experience with Veruca.

Meet the Founders

Meet Frankie Primerano

Frankie is the American Dream. The youngest and most gifted engineer. James was looking for help after he brainchild He wanted to create Veruca in python thinking he could take on the world, one line of code at time. He joined cloudnine and asked for help with their live chat feature and after a first failed attempt the night before, James signed on and Frankie popped up on the screen. James and Frankie discovered symmetry in passion and dove head first into “Project Genesis” which evolved into a wonderfully powerful yet “so simple it’s stupid” technology called Frankie is from New Jersey and a student athlete. He throws the javelin and is attending New Jersey Institute of Technology.

W5XIUyzMeet James Chmielinski

Working at Zappos awakened James ambition for service and relationship. 15 years have passed while he’s endured dysfunctional and disconnected sales and recruiting processes and technology. James is unrelenting in his quest to turn visionary dreams into practical realities, specifically for the sales and recruiting professional. James is a former collegiate athlete and 2nd-generation recruiting veteran who grew up in the family-owned, tech-staffing enterprise. He is a fierce competitor and played college baseball. Originating in Manhattan, NY, growing up in Toronto, Canada and raised to adulthood in Scottsdale, AZ’s valley of the sun. James is a southpaw who enjoys high-stakes and ever since his pitching days in the little league world series tournament, maintains a championship state of mind.






By Jackye Clayton

Jackye is an acclaimed thought leader and inspirational speaker on recruiting and DEIB topics. She brings years of experience recruiting across a variety of industries including tech, HR, legal, and finance. In her role as VP of Talent Acquisition and DEIB, she leads all related work at Textio, provides critical expertise to customers, and serves as a leading voice in the products Textio creates for the broader ecosystem. Jackye has been named one of the 9 Powerful Women in Business You Should Know by SDHR Consulting, one of the 15 Women in HR Tech to Follow by VidCruiter, and is on the Top 100 list of Human Resources Influencers by Human Resource Executive Magazine.