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European Recruitment Tech Start Ups To Watch 2019

Recently Unleash visited London again and as always there were plenty of start-ups I hadn’t met before. So like last year I’ll...

chatbot recruiting

Alexa, I’m Ready To Interview

The wakeup call: Chatbots now, voice soon Remember in 2010 — about three years after the iPhone was released — you heard that...

brain science and brain games recruiting

Can we select candidates based on their brains?

Can we select job candidates based on their brains?

Recruiting Tech Stack

My Dream Recruitment & HR tech Stack

  Inspired by fellow blogger Mike Wolford’s post  I decided to share my recruitment tech dream come true. What if I was the...

Recruitment Startups to Watch: Unleash 2018

    Last week Unleash came to London, and as usual for me, the most exciting part of the show is the start-up part of the...

Game Apply

Apply By Game

A resume tells me what you have done, for whom and how long. It doesn’t tell me the two most important things that will predict your...

Is This a Fix for Hiring and Labor Market Discrimination?

Labor market discrimination is rampant. Every research that’s done, at least here in the Netherlands where I live, tells the same...