Alumni US

Search through candidates by school and graduation year

Alumni US is a useful site that allows recruiters to easily search through candidates based on which school they have attended. Once on the site, you simply select or search for a certain school, and are brought to a page containing key information about the school and its alumni.

  • You are shown contact information about the school, such as address, phone number, and email address.
  • This page also provides a brief paragraph overview of the school, mentioning its best or most well-known characteristics.
  • The school’s most famous alumni and new alumni are also displayed.

Perhaps the most useful attribute of Alumni US is its ability to search by graduation year. From a school’s homepage, you can select a graduation year, or range of years, that you wish to view alumni from. This brings up a page containing brief profiles of alumni from the selected year.

  • You are shown names and photos of each alumni, as well as location, current positions, and industries.
  • Upon selecting a profile, the site also provides more detailed information, such as school majors, any other schools attended, past positions, and noteworthy skills.
  • Alumni US also includes a link to search for candidates on BeenVerified, which can helping with locating contact information.

This tool can be particularly useful when searching for entry-level candidates, as you are able to search by recent, current, and even future graduation years. Additionally, Dean Da Costa suggests using this site with other tools, such as Data Miner, in order to pull relevant information quickly.

Overall, Alumni US is an easy and useful tool to use! ~Noel Cocca


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