Video marketing and talent attraction have joined in a marriage that has allowed brands to reach once uninterested “passive leads”. Rather than bore you with the top 50 video marketing stats andvideo-marketing 30 reasons why you need to use video today, I’ll share the 6 most credible channels for video marketing (in app form) that recruiters can and should be exploring to attract and convert new leads.


Videohance is and IOS video editor that lets you work your magic with basic through novice editing capabilities. Shoot your recruitment video off the cuff, and add basic effects or go further and adjust the white balance, lighting, exposures and so on. This is a real time editor so you have the ability to editor and watch your video in real time. 

Video marketing just got simple

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8mm is an app for the Android lovers. There have been a couple of changes to the app with the recent lollipop updates to Android, but nonetheless this is still a great app to consider. Add a 60’s twist or a cinematic vibe to your video. Also available for iphone and ipad

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The iMovie app is another popular video tool to use on the go. Similar to it’s big sister (the desktop version) you have the ability to add various effects, audio, text and of course those funy special effects. For recruitment we’d recommend holding on the elongated nostrils special effect.

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“Dude, seriously? How professional is that?” I say, “Dude, who wants to watch a 30 minute office tour with boring interviews that are scripted and rehearsed?” Take Hyperlapse for a spin. Film a brief intro describing your opportunity and introducing yourself, then it’s off to the races with a hyperlpased office tour. This is video marketing to a whole new level.

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This is a great app to use in an effort to combine those great images you’ve take at company picnics but have zero clue as to what to do with them. Think beyond Pinterest and get with the cool kids. Use Flipagram to create a story of images. Take control of your Facebook and Instagram pages. Get conversions and interested people clicking.

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Stop Motion

We’ve all seen these out there. Stop Motion videos quickly became the hippest viral videos on Facebook 2 years ago. How do you use stop motion video for recruitment? Simple, grab a conference room, some people and some items that describe your workplace or the job that you are promoting. Stop Motion away. Look at the demo below. It’s not a job related video but use your imagination.

[youtube url=”” width=”500″ height=”300″]

By Ryan Leary

Ryan Leary helps create the processes, ideas and innovation that drives RecruitingDaily. He’s our in-house expert for anything related to sourcing, tools or technology. A lead generation and brand buzz building machine, he has built superior funnel systems for some of the industries top HR Tech and Recruitment brands. He is a veteran to the online community and a partner here at RecruitingDaily.