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RecrutingTools has become a deep database of knowledge, tools and resources that may or may not be used by recruiters. We are in the information gathering business and so it’s important that we have at our disposal the proper tools at the proper time.

We’ve been building lists of research tools but why re-create the wheel right? I was recently running through some tools mentioned on Best Colleges Online for some research I was running and came across a fantastic list of research engines, Video engines, Images and so forth.

Ironically the article is labeled “50 Awesome Search Engines for Librians….” My wife is a teacher and we often swap search tools which is how I came across this article. It’s great stuff. Enjoy.

See the full article HERE

Meta Search and Multi Search Engines

These meta search and multi search engines can search numerous engines and sites at once, maximizing the number of results you get each time you conduct a search.

  1. Ms. Freckles: Adorable Ms. Freckles can search online for different file types, definitions, translations, film, finance sites, and a lot more all at once.
  2. Kart00: This cartoon-inspired search engine lets you hover over results to get a preview of the site before you open it. Results are also organized by topic so that you can narrow down your search and organize hits.
  3. Fazzle: Search the web’s best, the entire web, downloads, images, videos, audio or headline news. You can also select an advanced search to find incredibly specific results.
  4. Trexy: This site saves your search memory so that you don’t have search multiple times on different engines.
  5. Mamma: Here at “the mother of all search engines,” librarians search the web or video. Next to your results is an option to refine your search by choosing a suggested category.
  6. 1-Page Multi Search: Type your search into one or several of the following search engines at once: Alta Vista, AOL, EntireWeb, Gigablast, Hot Bot, Lycos, Scrub, Yahoo!, Google, YouTube, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves, and a lot more.
  7. iZito: Busy librarians who are constantly finding new reference sites and search engines will like iZito because of its ability to save your history in an easy drop down tab.

Multimedia and Interactive

For help finding pictures, podcasts, music and shareware, use these search engines.

  1. Metacafe: Find videos on this site if you want a change from YouTube.
  2. Songza: Patrons looking for music can use this search engine, which “lets you listen to any song or band.” You can also search the featured list or top played list.
  3. Picsearch: This large photo search engine has more than 2 billion images in its directory.
  4. Get a Podcast: Search for podcasts all around the web in this directory.
  5. Shareware: If you need to install new software programs on your library computers, turn to Shareware first, which pulls up tons of free programs and downloads.
  6. Public Radio Fan: Find information for thousands of public radio stations on this site. You can find the times of different broadcasts, station names, podcasts and more.

By Noel Cocca

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