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5 Reasons Your Job Ads Aren’t Working and Ways to Fix Them

Poor job descriptions don’t have to be a necessary evil. They flood you with unqualified resumes and waste your time and budget.  Done right, they can help turn a job ad from post and pray to post and prey.

With the right job ad strategy, you can snag passive job seekers. Try and target top talent by standing out as an employer of choice. Convey your company culture and set realistic candidate expectations.  What about working at your company are  you really all about?  Keeping it real means not only recruiting the right talent, but retaining it, too. However difficult it may seem, it’s not.  Although many recruiters aren’t great with job descriptions, they can be of some help.

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll get from this webinar recording:

  • Optimize your job ads by choosing the right titles. Keywords and distribution channels help find the talent you’re looking for. We’ll look at processes and best practices for improving the quality of your applicants.  Make extending and accepting offers more efficient.
  • Take Your Job Advertising beyond traditional job boards. With new and emerging solutions, from social media ad retargeting, to better sourcing – you can find the best people.
  • Extending Your Employer Brand through better job ads can attract twice as many qualified applicants. Driving cost-per-hire down by up to 30% is ideal. Learn the role job ads play in building an effective employer brand. Discover solutions that can help you make the most out of your job advertising efforts.


Aug 12 Mike Walsh 2014-07-09As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Glassdoor, Mike helps shape Glassdoor’s employer products to best meet the needs of today’s talent acquisition leaders and educate companies on how to effectively manage their brand to attract and retain top talent.  With a focus on hiring solutions, Mike keeps an eye out for the key metrics and drivers that produce product and customer success.


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