If I were to ask you, “What is your biggest time suck in growing your business?” How would you answer? Recruiting Tools? Lead generation tools?

Prospectingproductivity for new leads, be it sales or candidates, is a necessary evil that cannot be swept under the rug. How well you prospect is a direct trigger to the how successful you are in your business.

Here are 4 great tools to consider to help you along with your journey of identifying new leads.

Tool #1: VoilaNorbert

Found someone on LinkedIn who just won’t reply to your calls or InMail messages, and want to send them an email?Finding email addresses can be tough and expensive sometimes, but here is a new tool that can make finding an email address easier: VoilaNorbert allows you to search for someone’s email address by entering the domain along with their first & last name.

They use some fancy algorithm tricks on the back-end to determine what the appropriate email address would be, and return it to you like a Google Search. The first 10 or so searches each day are free, and they have reasonable rates for a larger volume ($50 for unlimited searches per month). You can also import a CSV file for larger scale searches.

Go to https://www.voilanorbert.com/#


Tool #2: Searchquant

The tool automatically visits 1000s of LinkedIn (LI) profiles – from each user’s desktop – based on the advanced search parameters LI makes available. To LinkedIn and the peoples’ profiles being visited, they just see you visiting profiles manually.  Because many LI users regularly check to see who’s visited their LI profile and in turn visit that person’s profile, the app can visit and thus drive thousands of targeted prospects to your team’s LI profiles.

Visiting the LI profiles of the target contacts at 1000’s of your target companies will lead to:

  • Lots of connection requests, which you can cherry pick from to start discussions;
  • Tons of profile viewers you can then connect/InMail and say “Hey, saw you visited my profile. For reference, we [elevator pitch]. Reach out if ever you have a [solution area] need we can help with.”
  • In advance of trips to cities or conferences, visiting 100s of potential customers. Build full meeting schedules without paying for booths or full conf passes. We did a 12-city global roadshow on 4 continents and used the tool to build awareness and drive 40-80 people to events in NYC, SF, LA, Chicago, Sao Paolo, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, London, etc.
  • With decks/videos/infographics and recent updates that show Lastline’s disruptive value, your LI profiles become real-time billboards that build awareness in your target market, globally.

Go to: http://searchquant.net/


Tool #3: Twitter Follower

Twitter Follower is a free Chrome Extension that leverages similar advantages as Searchquant. This product is super easy, just go to a Twitter account that you think your target candidates or clients are likely to follow on Twitter. Then click on their list of followers. Once on the list page of the followers you want to target, click the “Follow All” button on the top right of your page and it will systematically follow about 1,000 (that’s Twitter’s max per day) of those people.

Each of those people will receive a notification that you followed them and “discover” who you are. If you have an engaging Twitter account, a certain percentage of them will follow you, favorite your Tweets, and @mention you in return. This is a free, quick, and easy way to get on the radar of and engage with people you never would have otherwise.

It also drives up the number of followers you have on Twitter so you can broadcast your thought leadership to a growing audience!

Goto Twitter Follower Here


Tool #4: Pick

Recruiters schedule thousands of meetings per year, and we all know the process can really drain productivity. Pick is a free, super simple scheduling product that helps eliminate the back & forth of finding a time to meet. Pick syncs with calendars to surface real-time availabilities so you can find time instantly. Pick is available via desktop web, mobile web, and on iOS. Here are a few ways Pick can help recruiters with scheduling:

  • When reaching out to potential clients or candidates and requesting an intro call, include your Pick availability URL so they can book a conversation with you instantly. ex: co/ryan
  • Want to avoid brokering a meeting on behalf of each side? Encourage your candidates and clients to sign up for Pick so you can view their real-time availability and schedule a call for them instantly. Check out this video to see how easy it is: https://vimeo.com/113900607
  • You can also suggest that your candidates or clients just share their Pick URL with you so you only have to request times from one side of the table.

Go to www.pick.co




About the Author:

Ryan Mandigo Head Shot Pick.coRyan is a veteran of several start-ups and most recently employee #23 at Yammer. As Director of Global Sales, Ryan learned all about the importance of building an engineering culture, cultivating simplicity and beauty in a product, and telling the story of that product in a compelling way. He is an entrepreneur to the core, a father of two, and currently working on his Rory McIlroy-like mid-iron fade. One day, he wants to be a hacker, so he went out and completed a three-month Rails course at Bloc.io.


By Ryan Leary

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