The HR Tech Conference ( #HRTechConf ) Expo floor is massive and can be hard to navigate.  Below you will see 15 companies that should be on your recruiting radar along with their booth number and the 2015 Expo Map.

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Apploi – Booth #2827

Apploi transforms how companies attract, filter & communicate with candidates. Through sorting tools, including video & audio questions, companies see personality, passion & potential right up front. Decreased applicant drop-off rate & reduced time to hire mean better quality hires, quicker.

  • Why? To learn more about customizable on-campus and recruiting event solutions.

burningglassBurning Glass – Booth # 1207

Burning Glass is a leading developer of technologies for matching people and jobs, career planning, labor market analytics, and workforce development.

  • Why? To ask about their “Labor Insight” product and gain more insight into the job market. I also want find out why/who thought Burning Glass would be a good name for a recruiting tools company.



careerarc-group-logo-designed-by-circle-r-brandsCareerArc – Booth #926

CareerArc is the leading HR technology company helping business leaders recruit and transition the modern workforce. Our social recruiting and modern outplacement solutions help thousands of organizations, including many of the Fortune 500, maximize their return on employer branding.

  • Why? To learn about their social recruiting platform.

careerbuilder_logo_detailCareerBuilder – Booth #1311

CareerBuilder specializes in HR software as a service to help companies with every step of the recruitment process from acquire to hire. CareerBuilder works with the world’s top employers, providing job distribution, sourcing, workflow, CRM, data and analytics in one pre-hire platform.

  • Why? To learn about CareerBuilder1 recruiting platform. And find out why they changed their logo.

daxtra logo full screenDaXtra – Booth #927

Experts in high accuracy, multilingual Resume and Job parsing, Semantic search, Matching & aggregation technologies. DaXtra’s software is a process improvement tool which provides powerful workflow automation maximizing the value of your recruitment database and the business processes that drive it.

  • Why? To find out what I can do with all those candidates in my database that have not been contacted.

enteloEntelo – Booth #2545

Entelo gives companies a competitive advantage in building great teams. The Entelo platform leverages big data, predictive analytics and social signals to help recruiting organizations find, qualify and engage with in-demand talent.

  • Why? To learn about social signals and their “More Likely To Move™” tool.

GreenhouseLogoGreenhouse Software Inc. – Booth #735

Greenhouse is the world’s first recruiting optimization platform. From strategic sourcing to customizable interview kits, Greenhouse provides a technology platform that helps organizations of all sizes improve their recruiting performance.

  • Why? To learn more about their “Interview Kit” feature., LLC – Booth #2712

Maximize the return on your resume data – cloud-based resume and job order parsing (extraction) service for HR analytics, applicant tracking, job boards, staffing/recruiting firms, social networks and recruiters. Industry- leading accuracy, speed, and price/performance with a 14-year track record.

  • Why? To get more detail about their global recruiting capabilities.

jazzJazz – Booth #1345

Jazz is on a mission to make recruiting and hiring easy, effective, and scalable no matter what growth looks like at your company. We don’t just want to help your company grow, we want to help your recruiting process grow up, putting you on the path to hiring Performers Only.

  • Why? To ask about their new “Performer Platform.”

leverLever – Booth #1203

Lever is the world’s first collaborative applicant tracking system. We make it easy for the whole team to strategically source, interview, and hire top talent. Three years in, we’re proud to support the amazing teams at Lyft, Quora, reddit, and more in hiring the best people out there.

  • Why? To ask about Lever’s reporting features.

phenomPhenom People – Booth #727

Phenom People is the leader in the Talent Relationship Marketing category. The Phenom TRM Cloud automates the process for driving awareness, interest, engagement and acquisition for talent. Phenom People helps candidates find the right jobs and makes recruiters more productive. 

  • Why? Because of the “Phenom Hub” analytics dashboard for career site performance.




 QUEsocial – Booth #2452

Social Talent Acquisition activates employees and recruiters to amplify your talent brand and influence potential hires within their own social networks. Help your ambassadors share the most powerful stories easily, and connect their efforts directly back to real business results with QUEsocial.

  • Why? To find out more about their “Social Business Adoption Curve.”

** Meet Jess McCoss VP, QUEsocial Customer Success Mon, Oct 19 3:30 – 4:30

Session: Activate Your Employees as Ambassadors: An Employment Branding Guide to Finding New Talent Surf D-F  REC3

smashflySmashfly – Booth #919

SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Platform enables talent acquisition teams to attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into qualified applicants using a centralized management system that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs.

  • Why? To ask them about how they can help my social recruiting tracking.

2249_SovrenSovren – Booth #1123

Sovren is the premier global provider of multi-lingual enterprise grade-resume/CV parsing and fourth-generation semantic searching and matching software. We’ve been providing the best software to the best names in HR since 1996.

  • Why? To find out more about the “Sovren Semantic Matching Engine (“SSME”) “


WANTED Technologies – Booth #1040

WANTED Technologies helps staffing and talent sourcing professionals make intelligent workforce decisions by combining real-time and historical data across hiring demand and talent supply. WANTED is also the exclusive data provider for The Conference Board’s Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series

  • Why? To find out more about the “Candidate Supply” data.


HR Tech 2015 Expo Map

HR Tech Conference Expo Map
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