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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 22, 2011 Free recruiting software vendor SmartRecruiters has created a mobile career website for each of its 10,000-plus small business customers. In keeping with its mission, the sites were developed free of charge by SmartRecruiters, and are accessible via any web-enabled smartphone or tablet. SmartRecruiters will build a free mobile career website for every company that uses its software. The service is intended to make hiring easier by capitalizing on widespread use of mobile devices by consumers and job seekers.

Nearly half of all Internet use is mobile, yet most companies haven’t optimized their websites to make finding jobs easy — which means it’s harder than it should be to find quality candidates. SmartRecruiters addressed this by developing a proprietary style sheet that makes viewing and navigating job data on a mobile device as natural as it is on a desktop computer.

SmartRecruiters Mobile Career Sites are clean, customizable and touch-friendly. Candidates can search for openings the same way they check their Facebook news feed, by tapping their screens, and apply for a job with a single click using their Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles.

Mobile Career Sites is the latest sans cost recruiting tool from SmartRecruiters.

● Earlier this year the company created a free Facebook application that allows small businesses to quickly and easily display jobs on corporate Facebook pages.

● SmartRecruiters also launched Job Manager, a free tool that allows users to publish jobs within any WordPress environment, such as a company blog.

● Small businesses using SmartRecruiters have hired over 17,000 workers since the free recruiting software platform launched in September 2010.

“We’re determined to make hiring easier and more cost-effective for small businesses,” said Jerome Ternynck, CEO of SmartRecruiters. “Smartphones are everywhere so it makes sense that companies should target these devices like they do the desktop. By optimizing career sites to improve the mobile experience, candidates are more likely to search from their smartphones and companies will find it easier to locate good candidates.”

“For employers, mobile is the new paradigm shift,” stated Michael Marlatt, a mobile recruiting expert and founder of mRecruitingcamp. “SmartRecruiters Mobile Career Sites are a great way for candidates and employers to connect on mobile devices.”

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