Top 10 hottest things this Recruiter LOVES about cold calling! (sarcasm intended)


10. The ability to dial an 11 digit phone number in 4 seconds, with either hand.

9. Hold Music!  Seriously, Nirvana Teen Spirit via the accordion?

8. Forgetting who I am on hold for….right when they answer.

7. The gentle click immediately after your call is picked up.  “So rewarding!”

6. Learning all the different accents of our great country! “Fugetaboutit.”

5. Finally getting the correct voice mail and destroying the voice message.  “Hit what to delete!!?”

4. Hi, my name is…Hi, my name is…Hi, my name is…..did I really ever do that? Yup.

3. “Ok, the best number to reach me is 800-424- ….You’re not even writing this down, are you?”

2. Four minute voice mail introductions are so under rated.  Is that what I sound like?

1. “Gate-keep-er, oh Gate-keep-er, I think I love you!” click.

This list could go on an on…..feel free to drop your favorites in the comments below!

Noel Cocca

Partner and CEO of LLC – – – –

Partner and CEO of LLC – – – –

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