This video is a Xobni produced video

“outyahoovintworce” <– I should coin that term. So a while back I introduced Xobni. For those that are not familiar it’s an outlook add on that frankly I don’t think I can function without at this point. Though it’s not built for recuriters itxobni-logo-med_270_270 certainly  accompishes more than most. First off there are 2 versions of the tool (Free and paid). I’ll admit, daycare has been draining my bank account so I am on the budget version, but I am serioulsy pondering paying for the service.

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Check out the Xobni Blackberry mobile video below

Why I like Xobni:

  1. I like to know what connections I have within clients, propsects, and dare I say Candidates? Xobni instantly captures the social profiles of those you are communication with. This is insanely helpful when you are on the phone with a candidate, hiring manger or client.
  2. I have a short memory at times and my inbox is laoded with information I certainly cannot remember I have. ie. files, ppts. etc. Xobni instantly indexes and displays your communication lines with contacts. If you are like me and have 12K plus archived messages, than this is essential. Outlook search is pretty poor (at least to me) but with a simple click of a message I can see the entire message string clearly displayed for me, the responses and the conversations had.
  3. I like to track conversations and reference points on the fly, Xobni lets me do that. ( I can see everyone who converses withing that “email circle”) File management: Dialing up a file is as easy as going to a LinkedIn profile. The system immediately indexes and creates profiles for everyone in your outlook that you have communicated with creating threaded conversations similar to comment strings you see on blogs.
  4. AND…..da da da da….It’s mobile!

This video is a Xobni produced video

Lets look a little deeper.

Social Aspects that I like:

Xobni instantly tracks my relationships, connections and conversations I am having, I have had and gives me an educated thought of some conversations or update meetings I should problaby have by tracking past emails and attachments in real time. Xobni pulls soical information from the major social networks and instantaneously lets me see how and who I am connected with.

Here is s real life scenario of how I have success with the tool. More than 12 months ago I spoke with a women who was just phenominal for a role that I was recruiting on. Things did not progress for a few reasons. Less than 1 month ago I was speaking a new client who by the stroke of luck is associated with this candidate.

Was it luck? maybe, but I like to think that this is a  case of being armed with the proper tools. Xobni made the correlation between emails showing me that the two parties were conencted. Not aware of there connection I made an introduction to the idea of employment and there you have it. The rest is history.

Luck? Not so sure. I simply did not remember that I had spoken to this women.

Enough of this, Check out the new mobile app for Blackberry. Fantastic app and great features.

By Noel Cocca

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