For recruiters and candidates, online branding is very important. By getting your profile online and up to date, thousands of people can find you.visual-vc

I’ve noticed recently many people adding VirtualCV to there list of online media to promote themselves and brand themselves online. What is it? I hate when I get pictures on resumes, I think it’s silly (though that mindset can change tomorrow and probably will).

But this is different. It’s a way to add some pizzazz to your on-line brand.

VisualCV is highly indexed on Google and can really search as a landing page for those sourcing your name on-line. Hmm… as a recruiter this could be a great tool. Well, maybe not. Why would I want my profiles index by the one powerhouse of a search engine so candidates can research me and contact me? Do I need to answer this? It’s an actual question that was posed to me earlier today.

Seriously though give VisualCV a shot. Creating an online brand or a presence is obviously important as a recruiter. Findability is key to your success and how you brand yourself will dictate just that.

Visual CV is a pretty neat tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Employers can search for resumes or even promote a brand. Candidates can promote themselves; look for a new gig, or to promote a speaking engagement. The opportunities are endless and the marketing ability you gain can be priceless.

visual-vc-1Social Networking, job boards, Blogs, career repository – these are just a few ways thousands have used this service. Online branding continues to play a greater role in job search, professional networking, and general life.

Sourcing Tip: the key to building an established on-line brand is inter-connectivity among all of your social networking sites.

Oh did I mention this is FREE!

By Noel Cocca

CEO/Founder RecruitingDaily and avid skier, coach and avid father of two trying to keep up with my altruistic wife. Producing at the sweet spot talent acquisition to create great content for the living breathing human beings in recruiting and hiring. I try to ease the biggest to smallest problems from start-ups to enterprise. Founder of RecruitingDaily and our merry band of rabble-rousers.