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Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) February 15, 2012

Visier, Inc., an innovation leader in delivering workforce analytics through the cloud, has released Visier Workforce Analytics, an HR analytic solution that empowers human resource professionals to access, measure, predict and share critical workforce data.

Successfully implementing and effectively managing workforce analytics is one of the most critical issues facing HR professionals and executive leaders today. Visier Workforce Analytics enables organizations to better align their people strategy with their business strategy, by uncovering deep insights into their workforce data and empower HR professionals and executive management to make more informed business decisions surrounding their human capital.

“Human capital is the cornerstone of a successful business,” according to John Schwarz, chief executive officer of Visier, Inc. “Our goal is to help HR professionals bridge the gap between data and decisions, transforming data into valuable insights that identify problem areas and help human resource departments quickly deploy a solution.”

Visier Workforce Analytics empowers HR professionals to gather past and present workforce data and be able to predict future possible talent-related events and behaviors with advanced clustering techniques. It can answer the critical what-if and the-why questions facing organization and help HR professionals make decisions with confidence to achieve a more strategic HR leadership approach.

Visier provides HR professionals a real opportunity to align workforce strategies with corporate strategies by easily sharing their uncovered insights with a simple capture of data exported into a PowerPoint presentation – and telling their workforce story in a compelling way, in order to influence decision makers into action.

With Visier Workforce Analytics, HR professionals can:
• Check the health of organizations by viewing, at a single glance, the most fundamental and critical workforce information.
• Explore vital workforce data with powerful, intuitive and interactive visualizations across locations, organizations, tenure, roles, pay levels and many other views.
• Predict and plan future events and behaviors by answering critical what-if and the-why questions, such as who is at risk of leaving next, and understanding the root causes behind employee turnover.
• Share findings and tell their story in a compelling way, by selecting key insights and visualizations to share with stakeholders and decision makers in PowerPoint and streamline HR monthly or quarterly reporting.

Visier is changing how enterprises approach analytics by delivering pre-built analytics that bring the sophistication of predictive capabilities, with the ease-of-use of consumer applications. With Viser Workforce Analytics, HR professionals can easily integrate critical HR and business data in an end-to-end cloud-based solution, eliminating the need to provision, deploy, manage and maintain expensive disparate HR systems.

Visier is the choice of enterprises that understand their people are their greatest investment, and are seeking to optimize their investment in human capital.

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