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Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) February 02, 2012 Since 2008, thousands of small to medium sized companies have turned to remote workers to combat the poor economy. By hiring people who work from their kitchen tables and home-office computers, the company saves money which often means the difference between survival and bankruptcy. And their remote employees enjoy a more flexible and independent lifestyle than they ever could before.

Unfortunately remote hiring hasn’t lived up to its potential either. Deloitte Consulting found that 70% of large organizations have had negative experiences and have taken a more cautious approach. “The problem for companies is that it’s really, really hard to choose the right candidate from a sea of bidders,” explains vWorker CEO, Ian Ippolito. “The worst workers are 1/10th as productive as the best, so choosing right is critical. But the existing online tools are not up to the job. Profiles, and portfolios and ratings don’t do the trick, because they can (and often are) plagiarized or faked. So too many projects fail.” This has also caused many of the most qualified job-seekers to miss out on contracts. And many companies have avoided remote hiring all together.

But now vWorker has introduced a new feature that completely eliminates this problem and the entire interviewing process altogether. Instead, the employer watches candidates compete in a crowd-based audition (called an “on-the-job trial”) and awards the job to the best performer. To give the candidates an incentive to participate, the winner is given a prize (or multiple winners are given prizes).

This on-the-job trial should not be confused with traditional crowdsourcing, Ippolito points out. “Crowdsourcing is part of this feature, but we’ve upgraded it to make it much more versatile. Traditional crowd-sourcing marketplaces only work on small-sized design projects. An on-the-job trial works on every sized project, in every category of work.” On-the-job trials also include crowd-based features that traditional crowdsourcing doesn’t, such as market-based pricing of the prize. This ensures the employer doesn’t pay too much or too little (and avoids having a failed trial).

Uptake of this new feature has been immediate. “The moment we introduced this feature,” explains Ippolito, “we saw a tremendous explosion in its use, because it addresses a real need and no competitor has anything like it. I’m excited because this is going to open up remote hiring to a whole new audience that could never use it before.”

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