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(PRWEB) October 19, 2011 The job search and candidate selection cost can be costly. Companies can easily spend $5,000 per candidate in travel expenses including hotel, airfare, and transportation. Factors like these along with fitting interviews into tight executive and candidate schedules draw out the interview and candidate selection process to an average of 3 months.

Twenty-three year old entrepreneur, Christopher Young and his business partner Ehud Israel launched Async Interview, a video interview technology after Young experienced the job search as a soon to be grad. Israel, who has also worked in the recruiting and talent industry and is a business owner, saw a way to offer convenience to both the company and the candidate while reducing corporate hiring and interview expenses.

“By reducing the expense to hire candidates and making the interview process easier to manage, we want to help companies hire candidates and improve their bottom line while helping the economy at the same time,” says Young.

Human Resources industry expert and President of HCM Freelancer, Sarah White agrees. “Video interviewing presents a unique opportunity to save travel and interview costs while making the candidate selection process more consistent,” says White. “By recording interviews, hiring managers are able to evaluate each candidate side by side without the uncomfortableness of a group interview with multiple candidates.”

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