So what do mobile apps and one of our greatest presidents have in common? Another installment of of Recruiting Daily’s Monday Motivation. Well check that- Tuesday in this case since we took a day to honor another great individual in MLK yesterday.

Hello recruiters and welcome to a new week. The month of January is quickly moving by (and leaving lots of snow for folks here in the Northeast). How is your desk plan for 2011 holding up? It is almost certain that distractions and/or obstacles have popped up, but the key is to not lose sight of your end goal. Focus and prioritize on the things that are within your control.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important that any other.”
-Abraham Lincoln

A few great words of advice from an amazing man. For recruiters, success at times does come down to how much you want it. As Mr. Lincoln points out one’s own determination can go a very long way in achieving your 2011 desk goals..

Now a quick question for all of our RD Readers- As a recruiters, what mobile app can you not live without? Recruiting Daily has reviewed Evernote and Slydial in the past, but now we want to hear directly from you. Share your thoughts in our comment section for a chance to be featured in our next product review.

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Have a great (short) week.