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Toronto, Canada, December 01, 2011 –(– Specialists in the field of IT recruiting, Toronto based PlanIT Search have recently announced that they have added a new recruitment service to their suite of staffing solutions. This new service is designed for those organizations that have short-term vacancies to fill within integral IT positions in the company, and will allow businesses to continue to automate in-house processes by taking advantage of the latest ERP systems technology.

Today’s managers don’t always have the time to locate and screen potential candidates for positions within their organization. And without the proper care and attention, positions can be taken by candidates that don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience to fulfill the role within the company, causing knock-on effects such as low in-house morale and shortfalls in company performance.

Through PlanIT Search’s new contract staffing services, they hope to take the pressure of IT managers in various top levels companies, by providing them with a streamlined solution that will ensure highly qualified resources are located based on their skill set, and then placed within the organizational infrastructure within an extraordinary turnaround time.

Often, this Toronto Company’s IT recruiting team can provide their clients with qualified candidates in as little as 72 hours of first client contact. In addition to their speed of service, they will also provide clients with turnkey contract administration services, making sure that all the details are taken care of so that organizations simply have to welcome their new team member and hit the ground running.

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