So we have established that in some areas I am still an old school recruiter at heart. With discussions of the use of social media and advancements in technology, I still make it a point to keep a traditional cold calling block in my weekly schedule. Yes- it is at times a task of simply flipping over stones, but there are times where it is certainly worth my while. So in the past I have posted some tips on how to make this task a bit more bearable, but today I encountered another (perhaps not so uncommon) hurdle.

I was just wrapping up my morning block and was leaving a message with a gatekeeper that seemed less than enthused in taking my message. There were a number of “yes’s” and I think even one ‘yep’, but I got the strong sense the individual was simply going through the motions. Needless to say I had little faith that my message would be delivered to my contact. So I decided the moment after I hung up to dial that office again. Sure enough I had the same individual answer. I mentioned I  had just called and thought I may had  inadvertently left the wrong contact number in my message. I asked the individual to repeat the contact number back to me to correct, and sure enough there was silence. Proof that not only was my message and contact information not written down, but that my call was a waste of time.

So the morale of the story? Time is extremely valuable for a recruiter, and cold calling is not always fun. If need be- quiz the gatekeeper to be sure your efforts are at least half met. Will it work out in every instance? Perhaps not, but one way to try avoid this happening to you. I know I am not the only one.

And while on the topic of cold calling blocks a few more quick hitters;

800 Number – Do you have one? Most recruiters do have one today and sure it is a great convenience at times, but it might not always be the best contact number to use when leaving a message. Mix it up and don’t always rely on the convenience of toll free. That can just as easily be what makes your message quickly discarded if the contact is leery of sales calls.

Time Zones – If your desk has a national presence be sure to plan your day in taking advantage of time differences. I routinely schedule a select number of days a month to work west coast hours.

Get something from each call – I know..easier said than done, but my ‘Movie Guy’ post will give you a better idea of what I mean.

Pick up and dial – even the savviest of recruiters would agree that old school cold calling blocks can greatly assist your desk. There is no easy way around it at times other then simply doing it. (Also see Noel’s great post on loving your phone)

Here are also a few more helpful links while on the topic;

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These are a few reminders to keep in mind in order to make your blocks more successful and productive.

Have an interesting tale from a cold call? Feel free to comment and share with RD readers below.