There were some new impressive technologies to cover this year at HR Technology conference and a few of them really stood out. TalentBin was one of them winning the coveted “Awesome New Technologies in HR” recognition. This company is nothing new to those working the cutting edge of our industry, but I feel this will become a widely sought after recruiting tool very soon. We sat down with Pete Kazanjy the founder who launched his service in the Spring.

Imagine a product that digs across the entire web finding candidate specific data located in all the social media channels available. Great right? But how about adding in the level of their skills and interests? Need an engineer in robotics? Talentbin will provide a profile of the candidate with the depth of their publications, discussions, community popularity and interaction, and social connections providing you with a score ranking them with their peers. In short TalentBin will search all related data and compile it into one profile working much like Linkedin recruiter, but for the entire internet.

Worried about getting another pile to sort through? That is taken care of. Powered by the Lucene search engine, TalentBin can crawl the web with predefined queries to guide what relevent data is collected. Your results will be a scored profile separated from all the other noise. This is TalentBin Scores.

“As part of the TalentBin process of interpreting online professional activity to identify the skills that would be relevant to an employer, we naturally discovered that the skills and interests we found were not all at equal strength,” explained Peter Kazanjy , co-founder of TalentBin. “When a recruiter is scanning LinkedIn or other professional profiles, they are lucky to get all the skills they are looking for listed – no less a scale of how deeply a candidate may be involved with a given skill or interest. TalentBin Score was created to solve that problem, providing a quick measure of the strength of those interests.”PR Newswire (

TalentBin’s API is now being picked up across the HR and Recruiting Technology landscape integrating directly into ATS systems. From what I saw, it sure looks like there are going to be some new recruiting tools worth checking out. This is one that I would spend money on.

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New TalentBin Interest Scores to Provide Recruiters with a Quick Measure of the Intensity of a Candidates’ Professional Interests (via PR Newswire)

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TalentBin, the talent search engine that turbo-charges talent discovery across the web, today announced the launch of TalentBin Scores, a new addition to the company’s flagship social recruiting solution, providing a relative weight for how intensely candidates…


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