“I tend to think of every month as pride month.” – William Tincup

That was the response I got when I broached the subject of a post for our site regarding Pride Month and what it means to me – he couldn’t have been more spot on.

So, do you take pride in your existence as a human person?  You could have been born non human! (Not that being a golden retriever would be so bad – I love treats.)

Imagine how different the world would be if everyone just acknowledged each other as human!  I don’t walk around announcing to people, “I am a human woman.”  I don’t NEED to announce or explain, or validate, or negotiate my existence.  Because you can’t deny that I do, in fact, exist.  Unless that psychic I called in middle school was right and we’re all in parallel universes co-existing through space and time and that we’re not actual physical beings and that time is irrelevant…

But I am here and like it or not – we all have to exist here, on this green marble, together. We are all humans with jobs, bills, pets, cars, goats, you name it.  We have all been put here to exist together.  Whether you think it’s science or god, we’ve all been put here.  None of us asked to be, but here we stand.

Pride to me is about acceptance of the human race and human rights.  Pride is about accepting humanity.  We need to accept each other for the simple humans we are.

For those that don’t know, there is an IA at the end of LGBTQIA.  The ‘A’ stands for ally.  Can you believe we, as humans, need allies…to exist with each other? Imagine if we all just existed as humans.  We wouldn’t need allies for those that are LGBTQI because we’d be focusing on what really matters, H-U-M-A-N-S.

I take pride in being human. I take pride in being an ally and a voice for those who think they don’t have one. I take pride in knowing that I am one with my race. The only race. The human race.





Editors note: the A in LGBTQAI stands for asexual, some sites list it as ally. We our proud supporters of ALL humans.

Alexis Gingerella

Alexis is a contributing writer to RecruitingDaily and got her start in the industry with RD. She provides virtual assistant work and administrative support for many of the teams projects.