To help you stay abreast of the ever-evolving recruiting industry, we asked six professionals, including an HR executive and a senior researcher, for their top strategies. From attending industry conferences to joining online recruitment communities, discover the diverse ways these industry insiders keep their fingers on the pulse of recruitment trends and growth.

Attend Industry Conferences

To stay informed about the recruiting industry’s growth and trends, one effective approach is attending industry conferences. These events offer a wealth of insights and opportunities for professional development. Conferences bring together HR and recruiting professionals to discuss emerging strategies and technologies. Speakers at such conferences often share real-world examples and case studies, illuminating current trends.

Additionally, other events showcase the power of networking. They allow attendees to connect with industry leaders and peers, gaining valuable knowledge about the latest recruitment practices. For example, I recently attended a conference where a keynote speaker discussed the impact of AI in candidate sourcing, citing specific success stories from companies like IBM and Amazon.

In summary, attending industry conferences is a powerful way to stay informed about the recruiting industry’s growth and trends.

Nakshi Bhatt
HR Executive, WebRatna

Engage with Multiple Information Sources

To ensure I keep up with the latest recruitment trends, I make it a point to regularly engage with industry publications, blogs and podcasts. I also attend numerous webinars and networking events that allow me to connect with peers and learn from experts. By embracing data-driven decision-making, I can utilize analytics and AI to gain valuable insights into modern recruiting. By staying curious and up-to-date with the latest technology, I can navigate the ever-evolving recruitment landscape with ease.

Lindy Robinson
Talent Acquisition – Sourcing, HelloFresh

Challenge Assumptions and Follow Leaders

I stay informed about the recruiting industry by continually challenging my own assumptions. I do this by following industry thought leaders in DEIB and TA, following people doing the actual work on social media (X, TikTok, and LinkedIn, to name a few platforms), reading blog posts, articles and publications related to the industry, and continually adding new perspectives to my network by asking questions of others adjacent to my field, as well as my conversations with job seekers and candidates.

I stay informed by staying plugged into my industry community while challenging what I think I know by seeking to understand the needs of my employer, hiring teams and candidates or job seekers in varying ways and frames of reference. To be successful in recruitment, you have to keep yourself connected to the pulse of the industry as a whole, or you’ll be left behind.

Rachel Kitty Cupples
Senior Recruiter, Textio

Listen to Recruitment Podcasts

Podcasts are great for staying updated with the recruiting industry’s evolving landscape. They offer a blend of expert insights and practical advice, all while being easily accessible.

One notable podcast is “The #SocialRecruiting Show,” hosted by Katrina Collier and Glenn Martin. This podcast is fun, delving into modern hiring trends and providing insights on building an online brand and effective recruitment marketing techniques. Katrina and Glenn make the experience engaging and often inject humor. It’s a refreshing listen after a long day. For a mix of knowledge with a dash of fun, this podcast is worth a spin.

Christopher Burgess
Project Lead, EuHu by Findel

Subscribe to HR Leaders’ Newsletters

As an avid newsletter subscriber, mornings are usually spent consuming content from prominent HR leaders through their newsletters. This is a method of discovering amazing technology, latest trends, and the use of AI in recruitment.

The newsletters often link to useful tools that make a recruiter’s job easier. They are a fantastic method of passively informing oneself about the latest trends, which can be quite overwhelming when intentionally seeking out that information.

Gordana Sretenovic
Co-Founder, Workello ATS

Join Online Recruitment Communities

To stay uniquely informed about the recruiting industry’s growth and trends, consider joining relevant online forums and communities. Participating in these platforms allows you to engage in discussions, share experiences and gain insights from fellow professionals in the field.

These communities often provide real-time information about industry shifts, challenges and innovative practices, giving you a unique perspective that may not be readily available through traditional publications. Additionally, you can network with industry peers to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in the recruiting industry.

Eva Toledo
Senior Researcher, Kepler Search Pte Ltd