RecruitmentRecruiting can be expensive if you are not careful. I am the Director of  Talent Acquisition at American Heart Association (AHA) so trust me, I know. When you recruit in the nonprofit world, your hiring budget is very limited. We do use some great technology but have been lucky enough to find some great free sourcing tools to fill our jobs. Below, I’ve shared both the paid and free recruitment tools that we cannot live without and the American Heart Association.

Worth the Money

Take The Interview

Video Interviewing tool from Take the Interview (TTI) . TTI implementation is easy and quick. We have had over 1700 candidates who have gone through the TTI interview process and it has lowered time to fill by five days. Our hiring managers are ranting about how great this tool is. Most importantly, our recruiters harecruitmentve saved an average of two hours per position by not having to spend an inordinate amount of time with unqualified candidates on the phone.


We just purchased a software license for Glassdoor. It made great business sense and gives us the ability to expand our profile where we average 17K visits to the page each day. We believe this is another significant avenue to communicate our brand. Stay tuned for a follow-up.

Social Talent

After we completed our Sourcing Ninja Training from Johnny Campbells’ Social Talent, I strongly recommended that companies use it when developing strong sourcers and recruiters. I love that they training videos are short and that the classes are self directed.

The Free Stuff

Email Hunter

Launched in 2015, Email Hunter will find up to 150 emails per month for free. Email Hunter crawls the entire web and index (almost) all publicly available email addresses.


Prophet is a free chrome extension that when on a specific social profile and will pull other information such as email addresses and contact data (if posted on a social profile.)


I have found that while searching for candidates, I could have 3, 5, 7 or more tabs open at the same time. OneTab helps me cut down on clutter, and distractions, by putting them all into one tab. This is not traditionally used as a recruiting tool, but it helps keep the team on track and saves time.


Simple Boolean language allows us to produce Google Search results for free. We find we can capture a lot of potential candidates from Google rather than going into the different resources like LinkedIn Recruiter and GithubGoogle Groups also return great results.

Periscope / Twitter

We use a Periscope / Twitter combo to do a monthly chat where we discuss topics like open AHA positions, information on our hiring processes, how to ace the video interview and more. We started in February 2016 and average 550 hits with 1—15% retention for the full 30 minutes. Most importantly, we’ve already hired four candidates as a result. Next one is June 29th at 11 AM via the American Heart Association Periscope and Twitter pages.

About The Author


Michael Goldberg (a.k.a. SuperRecruiter) has over 25 years of Human Resources and Recruiting experience. His specialty – coming into organizations and rebuilding Talent Acquisition functions from non-producing to superstardom honing in on his team’s skills, the employment brand, social recruiting, process, metrics, and partnerships. Follow him on Twitter or find him on LinkedIn.