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Chesterfield, MO, February 25, 2012 –(– Recruit with ZEAL, a national healthcare recruiting organization, has launched a free healthcare recruiting training program. The Recruit with ZEAL “Finder” Program allows motivated individuals to learn the healthcare recruiting business as it relates to the sourcing of medical candidates. The program is provided free of charge.

Recruit with ZEAL teaches Finders the research tactics required to locate the most in demand healthcare candidates. Recruit with ZEAL Finders are then trained in contacting and screening medical and healthcare professionals for possible placement by ZEAL Agents and Owners.

Recruit with ZEAL Finders receive a 10% commission on all recruiting placements involving the candidates they secure and gather resumes for. The typical healthcare recruiting fee is between $15,000 and $25,000. Therefore the Finder is in position to make $1,500 to $2,500 when one of their candidates is placed in a new employment position by a Recruit with ZEAL Agent or Owner.

Although there is no cost to become a Recruit with ZEAL Finder or for the training provided to them, all Finders must be highly motivated to achieve success.

Whether the goal is to make an extra $10,000 – $20,000 this year, or to “test the water” before getting into one of the more robust training programs that Recruit with ZEAL offers, it can start by learning the basics as a Finder. From choosing a healthcare specialty to knowing the “magic words” to get the right people on the phone, all the way through screening candidates, Recruit with ZEAL Finder Training covers the fundamental steps toward success in a home-based healthcare recruiting enterprise.

In all, this zero-cost curriculum educates a participant in all the essential areas of healthcare recruiting operations as a Finder, including:

— Market conditions affecting healthcare hiring
— Why some specialties use recruiters and others do not
— Healthcare specialty selection
— Immersion training in a healthcare specialty
— Recruiting process defined and explained
— Candidate presentations and marketing
— Candidate screening
— Interview preparation
— Time management

The Recruit with ZEAL Finder Program is a fundamental shift in the healthcare recruiting business opportunities offered by ZEAL. The Recruit with ZEAL Owner, Agent and Recruiter opportunities all require an investment for training, software and support. At the same time, each of these programs comes with more robust training, software, and support. Of course, earning potential is far greater with these other roles as well.

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