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TORONTO, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Randstad Canada continues to distinguish itself as a “Best Workplace in Canada”

Randstad Canada, the country’s leader in staffing, recruitment and HR Services, is pleased to announce it has been recognized as a “Best Workplace in Canada” by the Great Place to Work® Institute Canada. This year, the company has made an upward climb and placed 22nd on the list, after having claimed the 25th spot in 2011.

Jan Hein Bax, President of Randstad Canada says it is a great honour to be recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Canada and confirms employee engagement is a priority for the organization.

“As leaders in our industry, we recognize the importance of meeting the needs and wants of today’s top talent. At Randstad, it is our people who contribute to the excellence of our business and to our ability to meet the evolving needs of our clients. That’s why, whether it’s through stay interviews, engagement surveys, or by offering outstanding volunteer opportunities, training and development, a great corporate culture and flexible work solutions, we are constantly working to find out, and better meet, the needs of our employees,” he says.

With initiatives like: “Treat Thursdays” where employees take a break to enjoy some time to chat with co-workers as they enjoy their favourite snacks; “Jean Fridays” where employees can don jeans once a week for a $5 fee that is donated to charity; flexible work-from-home solutions and employee awards in the form of trips and prizes for top performers – it’s not hard to see why Randstad Canada has secured this honour for six consecutive years.

But while it’s clear the company knows how to have fun, Randstad Canada also places a strong emphasis on employee development and training opportunities. “We provide our group with ongoing training and mentoring. We want our employees to be better and to grow with our ever changing industry. One example is the Master’s program which we launched a few years ago. Through this program we identify a group of high-potential staff and provide them with a real business issue that our company is facing, and pair them into non-management groups. An executive coach is then designated as the sponsor for each group, guiding them through the project while allowing them to tackle the challenge independently. This gives participants the opportunity to think beyond their current role, growing their capabilities while directly contributing to the betterment of the organization,” explains Bax.

“At Randstad Canada, we have great benefits and we have great development programs, but it is truly the culture of our company that make us such a great place to work!” says Bax. “Creating a positive workplace where employees can realize their talents and career aspirations is part of our core values. Everyone who works here is proud of the brand and we work hard to ensure our commitment to excellence,” he says.

According to Bax, wining this award holds great importance to Randstad Canada. “With looming skills shortages and a large number of baby boomers set to retire, employee engagement is a top HR priority for organizations, including ours,” says Bax. “We recognize that our employer brand is important currency in making sure we attract the right talent to help us continue our growth and achieve our goals. It’s not just about talking the talk – this award proves we can walk the walk too.”

This year’s list received over 230 nominations and approximately 49,000 employees participated in the 2012 “Best Workplaces in Canada” survey.

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