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Product Review: GooodJob

A new wave of recruiting apps have been hitting the market in recent years; they go by the name of ‘ Employee Referral’ apps. They allow forward thinking employers to leverage the full power of their  employee’s social  networks, by making it easy for employees to refer their social connections to potential jobs within the business and receive reward and recognition for their efforts.

These tools allow firms to unleash the power of their work-force and turn them into talent scouts. This is a hot area for recruiting apps right now, with many players having entered the market in the last few years and one of the latest teams to throw their hat in the ring is GooodJob, yes, I mean’t ‘gooodjob’; its intentional. Read on to see how this exciting new app can enhance your hiring initiatives.

Employee opt in

You need to have employees opt into the scheme before you can share jobs with them. GooodJob makes this easy by giving you QR Codes, which you can post around the office, or you can  send email invites for employees to opt in.

Employee Participation

The beauty of the system is that, after having opted in, the employees can be as passive as they like really, which removes a key barrier to entry. Yes, as a minimum, employees can simply opt in and give the system/recruiter permission to post a set amount jobs per week to their social media updates stream.

If employees want to put in more effort, they can share jobs with their network, email jobs and they can enter ‘leads’ and send them to the recruiter for follow up. The recruiter can determine which jobs they allow ‘lead submission’ to.

Incentive and Reward

Its all well and good having an opt in process, but you need employees to ‘want in’ and the system comes with an easily configurable reward system based on gamification principles. The system enables the recruiter to assign points for a ‘resume submission’, ‘interview’ and ‘successful hire’ which means you can reward the employee for effort as well as success which should encourage greater participation.

It also has Leaderboards, so employees can see how well they are doing against their peers, which is a sound gamification tactic believed to encourage greater participation.

The system also allows you to set referral points thresholds at which employees win certain prizes. GooodJob are supportive of prizes over cash  awards, as prizes are more visible, more talked about and generally create more buzz.

Posting jobs

Recruiters can take comfort in the fact that this part of the process is very easy. You can manually enter jobs or import them directly from your ATS, which a powerful time saving feature.

Once the jobs have been imported, you can then take full advantage of the power of the system. From the desktop platform you can configure the system with the login and username of your social network account and then share the jobs with your own and your employee’s Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter networks at the click of a button, provided the employee has granted you access to their social stream. You can also send the job out to your email contacts.

A nice feature here is that when you share jobs with employees you can target this according to location, group or department, which is another powerful feature.


Of course the system comes with automated tracking, so every employee action and referral is carefully tracked so employees can be recognized and rewarded for their referral activity.

Mobile App

When employees opt-in through the desktop, they will also have access to the mobile app. However, in practice, GooodJob are finding that desk based employees tend to use the PC platform whereas more mobile employees who don’t use a PC can take advantage of the mobile app. This is not meant to replace the PC platform but meant to enable mobile employees who are not  desk based to participate in a referral program so, this is a powerful enabling function.

On the mobile referral app, employees can view jobs, submit leads and share jobs with their social network in the same way, but they don’t have the same access to view the leader-board, and track their scores etc.. as they would in the desk-top. The app is available in iOS and Android.

In addition to the mobile app which comes as part of the desktop product subscription, GooodJob offers a customized, stand-alone mobile app. It is a separate product called GooodJob Mobile that doesn’t require clients to also have the desktop platform.


GooodJob works on a monthly subscription based pricing model based on users and is a fairly standard pricing model. Contact them for a product demo and quotation.

Screen shots

GOOODJOB ScreenShots Mobile















All in all GooodJob  seems to be an important addition to the social recruiting via employee referrals software market and is the first to offer some kind of mobile based referrals and is definitely worth a close look.


By Noel Cocca

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