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Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) April 03, 2012 PayScale, Inc., the world’s largest real-time salary data provider with 35 million unique user profiles, today announced the PayScale Instant Salary Report application that will allow users to sign in with their LinkedIn account to prepare for salary negotiations and understand their value in the job market.

The PayScale Instant Salary Report application uses LinkedIn’s Application Programming Interface (API) to allow LinkedIn members to log in with their LinkedIn account on the PayScale site. Professionals can then select a current job title from their LinkedIn Profile and automatically see a salary report based on what similar professionals are currently earning. Simply by signing in to PayScale with a LinkedIn account, PayScale will import relevant career details to provide an instant look at whether you’re being paid what you’re worth.

“When it comes to negotiating for more money, you need to be the smartest in the room regarding salary research,” says Selena Rezvani, author of the new book, PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask—And Stand Up—For What They Want. “The savviest professionals don’t rely on guesswork, they seek out impartial, grounded salary data. Considering that the new PayScale Instant Salary Report application allows users to get immediate salary figures—based on data from their LinkedIn profile—verifying your worth isn’t just practical, it’s almost effortless.”

How it works

PayScale imports relevant job information from a user’s LinkedIn profile (like job title, location, employer, industry, years of work experience, company size) and uses that data to generate an instant salary report showing the approximate salary range that a user should expect to be earning at their current job. There’s also an option to fill out PayScale’s full survey to get access to an even more accurate, comprehensive report on your market value. Many factors can have an impact on pay, so the more information we know, the better report we can provide. There is no cost to use the PayScale Instant Salary Report.

“Knowledge is power. The PayScale Instant Salary Report will give you a general idea of whether your current salary is in the correct range. It’s as simple as clicking a button to import your job information from LinkedIn,” says Mike Metzger, CEO of PayScale.

Adds Metzger: “Before taking action on this information, we recommend filling out the full PayScale survey for the most accurate picture of your market value. Once you know what you’re worth, it’s easier to make a case for a raise at your current company, if that’s what the data suggests. The data may also reveal that you’re worth a whole lot more than your company will ever be willing to pay, which may indicate that searching for a new opportunity is in your best interest. Other times, simply knowing that you are being paid pretty fairly may provide peace of mind.”

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