Have you ever heard of Pandadoc.com before?

Neither had I until a few days ago. They were one of the first companies I have heard of that are doing something truly dynamic and different.  This could be a major time saver for HR departments and Recruiters.  Are you ready for the review? Cool let’s take a look under the hood as they say.

Pandadoc.com is a great resource to send and store documents on line

Without having to email back and forth between two parties. Once you have sent the document it comes up like a usable PDF, Word Doc, PDF, or any file of your choosing that people can fill out information on like name, DOB, dates, etc. The sender has the ability to change the document while discussing it with a chat format box alongside the document or form in real time.

This would be an excellent use of time for a recruiter who needs an NDA signed before you can discuss the company or position.

Here are a few great features:

  1. You can send all the HR forms we know and love such as an I9 and a W2 have them fill it out on line real time and if they have questions they can just IM you through the site, with no emailing back and forth.
  2. You know when they receive the document AND when they are working on it. This way you can track the information. The whole thing is done online and can be stored digitally on your personal server. That means less paperwork folks.
  3. Another killer feature and my person favorite is the signature feature. When you type in your name it converts it to an actual signature on the page. I love this.
  4. You can also upload a picture of you signature or use your mouse or finger to sign online on your tablet, phone, or touchpad. If you are signing up a new client over the phone there is literally no delay in getting an agreement signed with this tool. Send the agreement over they sign on line and boom new client.

Ok, so you do have to do some actual selling to get that client but this sure makes life easier, especially if they are not in the same town as you.

Security is a big part of this as these could be legal documents you are working with or applications with personal information etc. I asked about this and was told that they use a 256-bit SSL encryption protocols to keep your connection safe. Documents are sent using secure encrypted links. No data is disclosed to third parties.

They keep a full log of every transaction with IP address, user information, and timestamp as well as signature certificate with a unique identifying barcode specific to your document so that your information is always safe.  There are also constant backups done to maintain the site and all of its information.

The only downside I saw with the tool was that you cannot send multiple documents. That was kind of a hold up from the HR process I was thinking about since we do send multiple documents to a new hire. However they told me that they are working on this and hope to have this ability in the near future.

That being said this really is a great tool for recruiters in my opinion and something that would really be worth a look.

By Derrick Zeller

About the Author: Derek Zeller draws from over 18 years in the recruiting industry. The last 13 years he has been involved with federal government recruiting specializing within the cleared Intel space under OFCCP compliance. He has experience with both third party agency and in-house recruiting for multiple disciplines and technologies. Using out-of-the-box tactics and strategies to identify and engage talent, he has had significant experience in building referral and social media programs, the implementation of Applicant Tracking Systems, technology evaluation, and the development of sourcing, employment branding, military and college recruiting strategies. Currently, he is the Editorial Manager for Advanced Resource Technology, Inc. and is open to speaking engagements and consulting opportunities. You can read his thoughts on RecruitingDaily.com or Recruitingtools.com or his own site Derdiver.com. Derek currently lives in the DC area.