The HR Technology Conference is heating up in Chicago, and vendors are looking to make a splash. Eight of these companies got a leg-up during Tuesday’s session entitled “Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company.”

In this event, a panel of industry professionals selected relatively unknown solutions they believed to be the next big thing. The companies then presented their product to the panel shark tank-style. The audience, after all companies had a turn to showcase their wares, then voted on their favorites via text messaging. I counted about 100 people in the audience.

Here are the results, along with the percentage of votes received:

  1. LifeWorks (21 percent) – Tools to enhance wellness, provide perks, enable communications and stimulate recognition within companies via one platform.
  2. ClickBoarding (19 percent) – A new take on onboarding, focusing on retention and ease-of-use on the go.
  3. Chemistry Group (16 percent) – Suite of services promising predictive data, better targeting of talent and more intuitive analytics for hiring managers.
  4. InvestiPro (14 percent) – A fully-automated workplace investigation solution designed to simplify the way employers conduct investigations.
  5. HighGround (14 percent) – Employee engagement platform, providing a solid analytics solution.
  6. Qwalify (8 percent) – Another talent engagement solution, focusing on millennials.
  7. RolePoint (5 percent) – Employee engagement with a focus on mobility, a streamlined application process and ATS / CRM integration.
  8. Clinch (3 percent) – Recruitment marketing platform. “Hubspot for recruiting” is a term growing in popularity, and these guys are hoping to profit from this trend.

It’s important to note this was not a scientific vote by any means, but the voting results combined with the fact that industry vets selected them as their choice of “Next Great Technology” carries some weight. Highlighting them is newsworthy.