Joblist unveiled a new job posting solution meant to address a number of the difficulties involved in hiring. The self-service product allows employers to promote their job openings to Joblist’s audience in a few steps, with no account or long-term commitments required.

The product was introduced into a tense market as many businesses struggle to hire workers. According to CBNC/SurveyMonkey’s Q1 2022 Small Business Index, 52% of small business owners say it’s become more difficult to find qualified candidates in the last year. Twenty-nine percent said they were unable to fill positions that have been open for three or more months.

Meanwhile, 40% of small businesses said identifying and hiring new employees were the top need of their organizations, Forbes reported. But the market’s unsettled. Research by Joblist found that raising wages may not be enough to bring employees back to hospitality jobs, for example. Nearly three-quarters of job seekers believe employers need to re-evaluate the benefits they offer, and 48% of recent graduates say the pandemic has led them to rethink the kind of job they’re looking for.

Pandemic-Created Challenges

Joblist CEO Kevin Harrington said the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation have created hiring challenges for all employers, especially small- and medium-sized business owners. “It takes too long and costs too much to find the right candidates,” he said. “We need more effective avenues for employers of all sizes to fill open roles.”

Joblist’s new product currently available to U.S. employers only. It delivers applications using an employer’s selected channels, either through email or their own career page.

In the run-up to the launch, Joblist tested the service with customers, and said it built “significant traction.” Over 1,800 employers now post on Joblist. In a blog post, the company said it has “an ambitious roadmap of new tools and features,” as plans to extend its job posting service into international markets.

By Solomon O.

Solomon is a staff writer for RecruitingDaily and The HCM Technology Report.


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