HiringSolved introduced a candidate-to-job matching feature with the stated goal of making “sourcing easier than ever before.”

Using a built-in five-star rating system, the feature uses natural language processing to rank candidates for roles. The ratings give recruiters “a clear picture of each candidate quickly,” the company said.

Dave Barteh, HiringSolved’s executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, believes the feature will speed up placement by prioritizing candidates over jobs. The solution removes roadblocks in areas such as institutional knowledge and experience, he said, enabling recruiters to feel confident in weighing how a candidate ranks for a particular role.

“By automating the connection between candidate and role, Candidate-to-Job Matching reduces the time spent sourcing from the ATS or CRM, and allows recruiters to build a shortlist in seconds,” HiringSolved said. That, In turn, allows recruiters to concentrate on connecting with candidates and providing a better experience.

The Matching Era

Recruiting and hiring remain difficult tasks for American HR leaders. There are nearly 11 million jobs open in the country, according to a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Over the last few years, recruitment platform providers have shifted their focus toward matching candidates with jobs, connecting prospective employees to new opportunities using the employees’ data.

​“Recruiting and staffing are people-driven businesses, but historically the process has started with the job and worked to find candidates,” said Barteh. Candidate-to-Job Matching, flips the approach.

​HiringSolved links recruiting databases, simplifies recruiting workflows and delivers data insights to help talent acquisition professionals match the right people to the right roles more quickly. The company claims its approach cuts sourcing time by 25%.

In September, Sense, a provider of AI-driven talent engagement solutions, acquired Skillate to provide AI-powered hiring services including candidate matching, job distribution, job description assistance, and talent relationship management.

By Solomon O.

Solomon is a staff writer for RecruitingDaily and The HCM Technology Report.


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