Crosschq, operator of a talent intelligence cloud, announced a partnership with TopFunnel, a candidate sourcing and engagement platform, to offer a comprehensive talent acquisition solution.

While TopFunnel empowers organizations to source for ideal candidates, Crosschq’s TalentWall, which the company acquired in May, enables recruiters and talent leaders to visualize and analyze the progress of their recruitment pipelines. Crosschq also helps organizations make plans for future hiring needs.

Crosschq said the agreement will allow the companies to deliver an end-to-end solution that sources candidates, takes advantage of referral networks and reduces inefficiencies recruiters routinely face.

“Unlocking the value in the recruiting funnel requires deep functionality that considers the quality of hire every step of the way,” Crosschq CEO Mike Fitzsimmons said.

‘End-to-End Talent Engagement’

In many cases, recruiting teams have been operating with sub-optimal software to manage the ever-growing complexity of the  talent market, Fitzsimmons said. That’s been making their jobs more and more difficult, he said. However, he believes Crosschq’s and TopFunnel’s partnership will reduce the “overwhelming administrative burdens they face and [enable] them to be more strategic and productive.

TalentWall identifies the rough spots within the hiring lifecycle and provides visual pipeline management and collaboration tools. The company also enables hiring teams to improve reporting while assisting businesses in making hiring decisions based on data.

In April, Crosschq launched Crosschq Assist, a product designed to support laid-off employees in a way that supports brand loyalty. The product offers tools to help erstwhile employees find their next job, and gives recruiters from more than 1,500 companies immediate access to a talent pool of candidates who are new to the job market and actively looking for a new role.

By Solomon O.

Solomon is a staff writer for RecruitingDaily and The HCM Technology Report.


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