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MILWAUKEE, Wis., March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, will tomorrow mark the first anniversary of the successful evolution of its brand and organization to better anticipate the sophisticated needs of clients in the fast-evolving Human Age.

“We have built strong and connected brands for our clients so that it is easier for them to do business with us in the new ecosystem of the Human Age — the era ManpowerGroup has identified where talentism has replaced capitalism as the key competitive differentiator,” said Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO. “Macro-economic trends are moving faster than the pace at which work models are changing, and will continue to shift. This is why we deepened our commitment to delivering the best global and local solutions — seamlessly.”

Exactly one year ago today, ManpowerGroup created a stronger, more connected family of brands which provide innovative workforce solutions:

– Manpower, the company’s core contingent and permanent staffing business and calling card, sits at the heart of ManpowerGroup with over 60 years of history pioneering the world of work. The core staffing business the company was founded on grew 11 percent in 2011 and gives ManpowerGroup the authority to reinvent its relevance in the most natural, human and contemporary ways.
– Experis, ManpowerGroup’s professional resourcing and project-based solutions business grew by 18 percent last year. is the global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions and accelerates clients’ growth by delivering in-demand talent for mission-critical positions.
– Right Management, the world’s largest outplacement firm. Aligning Right Management more closely with ManpowerGroup’s trusted brand is something extensive research showed its clients valued highly. Right Management helps organizations optimize talent and defines, assesses, develops and measures the effectiveness of leaders at all levels to unleash human potential in an area that requires increased productivity, innovation, collaboration and creativity.
– ManpowerGroup Solutions, the global leader in Strategic Workforce Consulting, Managed Service Provider, Borderless Talent Solutions, Talent-Based Outsourcing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, leverages ManpowerGroup’s unsurpassed network of local expertise and understanding of global workforce trends to provide unmatched talent solutions. ManpowerGroup Solutions is a $1 billion business, four times larger than the closest competitor.

One year on, ManpowerGroup’s voice in the industry has grown louder and stronger with bigger reach and impact as the company’s unrivalled suite of solutions demonstrate their unique power as a group and their unique position to help clients navigate the complexity of the Human Age and win. In the past 12 months, the world has struggled to adjust to this new ecosystem as financial, economic, demographic, geopolitical, technological and ecological shocks evolve the new era.

The Human Age is resonating widely, evidenced by Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman, who echoed ManpowerGroup’s statement that “Talentism is the New Capitalism.” ManpowerGroup identified of human talent as the key competitive differentiator, and in a world where talent is increasingly elusive, has the expertise to match skilled individuals with businesses that need their skills.

“Companies are relying on ManpowerGroup more and this will only continue, as they look long-term to create sustainability and agility in their business,” added Joerres. “It’s about building the most agile business structure and understand which work models they need — when they need them — in order to generate the productivity and innovation necessary to navigate uncertainty and anticipate trends. In this way, we help organizations and individuals achieve more than they imagined.”

ManpowerGroup has published its Annual Report for 2011 on its website, a comprehensive analysis of the company’s activities during a pivotal and transformative year. The report, titled “Making Innovative Workforce Solutions Humanly Possible,” is available to download from:

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