There are many parallel universes, and we’re lucky enough to live in one where the great Dean Da Costa resides. Today’s nugget of wisdom might just be his 9th symphony: Dean’s very own Google Xray search tool.  If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to blast through all sorts of Google X-ray searches with just a few clicks, then listen in! It’s advanced, user friendly, and we’re pretty sure its gluten free too.

He uses this Bad Larry himself, and updates its functionality regularly. On occasion he graces us with an opportunity to download his advanced version for free. He typically does this every few months, and we have an insider tip that he’ll be giving away his next Pro version at our September HRTX event. It’s free to register and attend, and besides Dean we have 55 other amazing presenters to showcase their sourcing and recruiting knowledge!

But back to the tool…

Yeah but…what does this tool do and how can it help me?

If you’re still in the phase of career development where you aren’t 100 percent confident in advanced Google queries, you can use this page while learning from it.  People of all skillsets can find great value in his Google Xray search tool, even just as an efficiency bookmark. Start out with a good search, and build off of it.

There’s that ever-looming boolean expression obstacle that separates the advanced search wizards from the Average Jolene.  We talk all the time about the importance of understanding Boolean phrasing if you want to be an effective headhunter, and will continue ad infinitum for the sake of the community.

RippleMatch Recruiting at HBCUS

His page has a plethora of various pre-built Boolean expressions, all with their own nuances and specifications. While using this tool, be mindful of how they are created and in no time you’ll pick up a few tricks along the way.

Live, laugh, and links to more love

You can access the free version of Dean’s Google Xray search tool here: Voila!

For all other Dean-erific articles and videos, here’s the link to his author page.

Register for free to our upcoming September HRTX and you’ll get access to download his advanced version! Here’s the link to sign up!

Dean Da Costa

Dean Da Costa is a highly experienced and decorated staffing professional, recruiter, sourcer and manager, who also boasts outstanding experience and skills in Human Resources, Project Management, Training, and Process Improvement. He is best known for his work in the highly difficult security and mobile arena's, and the gold star winning numbers he produced. His keen insight and creation of ground breaking tools and processes, to enhance and change staffing as we know it, have proven he is a true "Staffing Thought Leader". Despite all this he remains first and foremost one of the top sourcers, staffing managers and full cycle recruiters in the industry and a true "Search Authority"

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