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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2012 launches a new website, powered by the same technology behind, to match job seekers with the right employers. The new website is based on an entirely new business model that will allow to provide a service based on multimillion-dollar technology for its users while building its own long-term success.

Jobathon is using the technology introduced and developed for (a niche employment site that is a leader in the sales and employment industry) but it will be attached to a Google-type interface to merge high-end technology with a familiar user experience.

“The user will never see the technology used behind our system,” said Eric Ruiz, CEO of Sales Jobs Inc. “It will simply be a seamless experience with technology that rivals any other job aggregate site available today.” was the first to introduce this kind of fully automated business model, and will take advantage of this new business model as it expands into the global market. This will allow the company to scale the service to meet demand because it is designed to be run, managed, and administered completely on its own. The goal of this model is to minimize the fixed running costs and make it easier to remain profitable.

“The environment for job aggregate websites is very competitive, and staying on top means keeping fixed costs low and profit margins high,” Ruiz said. “With our system, everything from marketing, sales, and client contact is accomplished without any human intervention. introduced this technology years ago in 1999, and since then it has become the largest, most profitable sales employment site in the world. We expect to see the same results from our new job aggregate site.”

By year end, the company expects to be running in many countries around the world. The site already has over 100,000 listings for categories such as sales, design, accounting, and marketing jobs.

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