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New York, NY (PRWEB) October 17, 2011 JD Match is an online recruiting service designed to address the flawed law student hiring process. JD Match is free to all law students from U.S. law schools and has over 1,700 law student members, 15 law schools and seven U.S. law firms that have signed on as members since April 2011 when the service launched. When fall on-campus interviewing began, JD Match ran its algorithm weekly and during the process, law students ranked 40,000 law firms or offices.

Through a series of published tips, the service is providing suggestions to law students to hone interviewing skills using a variety of digital media.

“Now that the fall on-campus recruiting season has wound down, law students will need to polish interviewing skills to prepare for meetings in non-traditional settings such as Skype or mobile web cams,” said Janet Stanton, CEO of JD Match. “While some people may scoff at the perceived ease of doing a job interview on Skype, it’s not as simple as it looks.”

Stanton makes the following suggestions for law students interested in honing interviewing skills using Skype as the communications medium of choice. Law firms interested in keeping interviewing costs at a minimum are turning to Skype as a way to screen candidates prior to bringing them in for a face-to-face meeting. The following tips should be considered:

Skype “is the same, but it’s not.” This is, after all, an interview and many of the fundamentals of interviewing still apply. For instance, prepare and rehearse story delivery in nuggets rather than as a single narrative. Lead each response with the most important and relevant points. Prepare insightful questions for the law firm, and send a thank you note. That said, there are some key aspects that differ from in-person interviews, which are discussed below.

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