isometric contributions

Improve your GitHub experience with this extension

Isometric Contributions is a free tool for GitHub, created by Jason Long and currently available as a Chrome Extension. The tool allows you to transform the contributions graph on your GitHub profile. With the extension, the graph allows you to toggle between the standard 2-D graph and a new 3-D version.

The 3-D graph displays your contributions is a way that is both easier to read and more visually appealing. It changes the standard squares on the graph into 3-dimensional towers, which shows how large your contributions are. Additionally, the new graph conveniently displays your:

  • Longest contribution streak
  • Current contribution streak
  • Number of yearly contributions
  • Busiest day of contributions

Having all this information so easily accessible gives insight that was previously unavailable and makes a bigger impact on the viewer. Additionally, the ability to easily toggle between the new graph and the default means that nothing is being lost with the new tool.

Though it is primarily a visual tool, Isometric Contributions can help you better understand your use of GitHub. The tool is not life-changing, but it is simple and helpful, and can improve your GitHub experience. ~Noel Cocca


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