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DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IQNavigator Inc., a leading provider of services e-procurement solutions to Global 2000 companies, has been ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) as one of the Most Experienced VMS and MSP Providers in a new market analysis of the Vendor Management System (VMS) and Managed Services Program (MSP) supplier landscape. IQNavigator also received among the highest number of “Experienced” ratings in more than 160 categories, equivalent to more than 98 percent of the total evaluation criteria.

The report from Staffing Industry Analysts, entitled “2011 VMS/MSP Competitive Landscape Report – Service and Feature Differentiators,” analyzes the products and services of 42 VMS/MSP suppliers using criteria to evaluate capabilities in categories including supplier management, sourcing, contract management, requisitions, reports, workflow, implementation and integrations, invoicing, SOW management and other areas. Using a four-tier grading system and a rigorous vetting process which included surveys, interviews and actual product demos, the analysts rated the robustness of the offering and the experience of the vendor in successfully supporting customers in the given area.

“The purpose of this Competitive Landscape Report Series is to provide customers with an in-depth, practical tool set for understanding the VMS and MSP options that are available to them. It’s intended to be a comprehensive analysis of solutions in this market that will help companies make the right buying decision about their VMS/MSP solutions or just help them better understand how their current solution stacks up,” said Brian T. Peña of SIA. “IQNavigator had a strong showing when it came to both VMS features and MSP capabilities, especially in the areas of integrations, risk mitigation configurations and reporting, all areas we see as key strengths that many customers are seeking today.”

“This report from a respected analyst firm provides a tremendous amount of information to enterprises about the strengths of various VMS and MSP solutions. SIA puts the products head-to-head in a comprehensive analysis of features and capabilities and real-world implementation experience, and IQNavigator is proud to be so highly rated in the report,” said Lou Andreozzi, President and CEO of IQNavigator. “This report provides a resounding validation of the quality and completeness of our solutions and our superior track record of helping customers improve their business processes, reinforcing our industry leadership and making it clear that customers are making a smart decision when they select IQNavigator.”

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