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(PRWEB) February 21, 2012 HR Strategies continually surges forward in the offering of benefit programs extended to both their internal and worksite employees. Through a variety of benefit programs, HR Strategies is hoping to encourage health and wellness; along with promoting employee participation and enrollment. HR Strategies has recently announced their participation in Humana’s “Vitality” program. It is their hope that employees who are Humana plan participants will take advantage of this healthy lifestyle rewards program.

In addition to physical health and wellness, HR Strategies continues to promote their partnership with EAP Consultants, Inc. Through this extensive Employee Assistance Program, HR Strategies has been and continues to be able to offer both their internal and worksite employees a program revolving around their well-being. By providing their employees a work/life balance program, which includes mental health, substance abuse, and family relations counseling, along with programs benefiting financial and legal well-being; HR Strategies and EAP Consultants, are able improve employee happiness and contribute to a more productive workforce.

HR Strategies’ partnership with these two programs, along with several other benefit programs, is just one way they continue to improve employee lifestyle, well-being, and therefore productivity and employee retention.

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