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HARTFORD, Wis., Mar 08, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — API Healthcare, the leader in healthcare specific workforce management technology, today announced a noticeable upward trend in healthcare staffing agencies leveraging technology to boost their competitive edge and increase profits. Integrated workforce management solutions that help optimize efficiencies by streamlining critical processes such as recruiting, placement, and payroll and invoicing play an important part in accomplishing this goal.

Between Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 to date, API Healthcare has continued to experience strong demand for its technology solutions for staffing agencies. The company experienced a growth of 38 contracts including new clients and existing clients expanding their use of the solutions.

“Recent studies have shown that about two thirds of health systems utilize contingent healthcare staffing resources,” said J.P. Fingado, president and chief executive officer, API Healthcare. “With this large demand for services, staffing agencies are finding they need a comprehensive solution to serve their clients and remain competitive. API Healthcare’s solutions have been proven successful by more than 300 healthcare staffing agencies. They are designed to streamline the unique complexities of managing healthcare labor in a variety of environments across the entire continuum of care, including contingent staffing.”

API Healthcare’s integrated Agency Solutions provide the crucial tools healthcare staffing agencies need to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. By enabling staffing agencies to improve delivery of competent and credentialed employees to their clients, satisfaction improves, leading to repeat business and increased profitability.

“API Healthcare’s recruiting and staffing solutions are the perfect fit for our agency’s unique requirements,” said Mike Freedman, managing member, MedServe USA, LLC. “API Healthcare is the only vendor that allows us to automate the compliance process and go directly from recruiting to placement in a matter of minutes, not hours. Having a single vendor to manage all of our workforce management needs has not only made us more efficient, but has also allowed us to scale our business quickly.”

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