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AUSTIN, Texas & SHANGHAI & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, today announced that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has implemented Lumesse TalentLink as the core technology platform supporting the shared HR-service team building its Greater China talent acquisition strategy.

The GSK talent acquisition team has a strategic goal to transform its recruitment processes to enable it to build a robust talent pipeline. Current market growth has driven over 2,000 hires for GSK across Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjing and Hong Kong within the last year.

As part of the GSK global recruitment solution implementation, the Lumesse China team took just three months in early 2011 to implement Lumesse TalentLink solutions locally in a project that included system tests and user training. Lumesse TalentLink now supports 18 recruiters, more than 10 HR business partners and 10 agencies across the Greater China region.

“To allow us to manage the China market, the evolution of the HR team into a shared-service unit pairs up recruiters with business managers as close partners,” noted Blake Cai, recruitment & HRIS manager, HR Shared Services, GSK Greater China. “Meanwhile, we are conscious that this model has to be balanced with stronger centralization across cities to drive efficiency.”

Since staff referral is a very important hiring channel in the pharmaceutical industry, the GSK team makes creative use of the Lumesse TalentLink platform to publicize job advertisements among existing staff. The platform is also connected to the two largest job-boards in China, 51jobs and Zhaopin to effectively manage job applications through this channel. The scalability and flexibility of the Lumesse platform has also enabled GSK to offer a better candidate experience in the application process for the large number of applications it receives. For example, as a famous consumer brand in pharmaceuticals, the capability to improve rejection handling for GSK recruiters was a key factor in choosing Lumesse TalentLink.

“High growth markets like China are driving global brands to rethink talent strategies,” said Lumesse CEO Matthew Parker. “The need to combine both high-volume and specialists skills when recruiting puts huge demands on managers and HR professionals. Operational efficiency and the ability to tap into multiple sourcing channels are key benefits that Lumesse TalentLink can deliver.”

“Our recruiters have always been professional and productive, but they needed to change as our business expands rapidly,” added Cai. “What worked in the past with isolated spreadsheets will now be replaced with a single, regionally shared talent acquisition platform that provides better information transparency and standardized workflows. We believe that the better data integrity, accuracy and analytical reports that have come after the change have genuinely improved the shared-service team’s working lead time, cost and service delivery and made it a better partner with the GSK business.”

GSK chose Lumesse among many local and global solution vendors based on its better local service and proven expertise in Greater China. Product functionality, operational speed and project cost-effectiveness were prime considerations as well.

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