Get even more contact info through Lampyre using a phone number or email address!

Lampyre is a data investigation tool that helps you find, compile, and analyze data. As part of their free trial, you can utilize their email and phone lookup feature on their website. You do have to register in order to get your free points, called photons. The free trial includes 4 searches, or 100 photons, so use them wisely! If you decide to subscribe, the monthly fee shows as 29 euros per month, giving you 500 searches.

What is really cool about this email and phone lookup tool, is that it pulls so much data. It really digs deep and will find profile photos and links that you’ve probably forgotten about! Some of the results include Linkedin, Skype ID, Twitter handle, Facebook profile links, location, and many more. When searching a phone number Lampyre also located a blog, full name, and a photo. Think of what you could find if you have a great candidate but the email address is outdated. If you plug it into this search tool, perhaps you could find an alternate way to contact them.

It’s free to try it out, and you get 4 free searches per month. Plus, if you’re interested in the data investigation side of the tool, that brings its value up quite a bit. Pretty cool! Check out Dean’s demonstration below!

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: