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Since I started my new job in recruiting and sourcing, I’ve been collecting directories and lists.  Sometimes I source for them specifically, sometimes they just appear in my results as I’m sorting out keywords that will work.  Either way I save them.

Some are small, 10 names tops.  The largest one I have on file is 3,000+ and covers all executive levels within a targeted industry.  Sometimes email and phone appear on these lists, sometimes not. Of course, I want to locate email addresses so I contact them for jobs that I’m recruiting for.

If the lists don’t have emails and phone numbers I have been known, on weekends, to spend a couple of hours downloading the list, and searching for that information.  It’s boring.  Tedious even.

But then I read this Egrabber Case Study about LeadResearcher Pro prepared by Marvin Smith.  And said “Aha!”  I won’t lie,  I’m a fan of Marvin’s since he stopped by recruitDC last spring and thought his write up was interesting.  And I had heard of EGrabber but never had the opportunity to demo their products.  So with that information in hand I committed to a demo, which is no small thing considering it was going to involve 3 days of product testing plus a 60 minute phone call.  That’s getting back to our recruiting time being precious, at that point I was hoping for some good results.

But it was worth it.  I ran some of my largest lists through LeadResearcher Pro and was pretty impressed by the results.  Twitter friends advised that I pursue results that received at least a 4 star ranking (LeadResearcher Pro delineates the quality of the email found on a 5 star system).  And they were spot on.  I let the system work on one of my larger lists overnight, and came back in the morning to find a good chunk of the emails I needed found.  It might have taken me days with interruptions and other priorities to complete that list.  And better yet, at least the structure of many of the emails had been determined.  I could use that information to build on.

LeadResearcherPro is not free. It currently has a $1995 price tag.  Up there for the small search firm but worth it when you’re working to uncover the hard to find candidate email addresses. Especially if you’re a data hound like me and you need a way to quickly locate email addresses, you might want to check out LeadResearcher Pro.