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I recently received a question around document sharing sites. What are they can they be used in recruitment? What is the return? Though doc sharing sites were not developed for recruitment you can certainly reap the benefits of their obnoxious growth.

Here is how I use a few key sites for recruitment myself.

Challenge: I went out and bought a cool domain name to advertise jobs and openings but I get little response. This social media stuff sucks.

This is a great start, and if you are using wordpress among others you’ll get some kick organic traffic if you post on a regular basis. But what if you can take your internal knowledge, post it to the masses, and direct that traffic directly to your job openings?

It’s simple to do. Here is a very brief overview of how you can approach this tactic.

  1. Decide what who your target audience is and what content they are searching. You can use research tools such as Google Wonder WheelOnet or Google Insight. Run you searches, take note of commonalities and build your targets.
  2. Now that you’ve completed some due diligence take that information and make use of it. People in industry love to read about their respective careers. That means anything of relevance that is good content will be read. Create a small 2 page essay on a specific technology, case study, industry news or happenings. Create a “how to” or a reference list. Keep it brief and then PDF it for free with services like openoffice or youconvertit or others like adobe.
  3. Make sure your content is “re-tweetable”. In today’s world if it cannot be re-tweted or updated on a friends status it’s changes of being read on minimal. You can find great topics in your industry right in your inbox, from conversations with hiring managers, the questions candidates are asking you in the phone screens, upcoming conferences. Convert these questions into topics and write about them.
  4. The final step is to share it with your audience. Forget making it viral. Your audience is not viral. Your hiring managers are looking for a specific candidate, not all of YouTube. There are many doc sharing apps and sites, but I like to use scibd or docstoc among a few other lesser known tools. These sites will send you hundreds of targeted visitors if your content is direct and targeted.

The only other thing that you need to do is include your contact info and push it out as hard as you can. Ask your friends to share it, re-tweet it, run adwords and so forth.

Take this content, triplicate it and post it often on your blog. The more you post the more traffic you will get. We’ll follow this up with creating your job blog to target your candidates.

Check out some of these examples that I like from Jim Stroud of

e-books / publications that drive large tartegted audiences.

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