Context Scout is back to help you find info quickly and efficiently

Context Scout, an extension that searches through a variety of websites in order to easily provide you with information about candidates, is once again available after being discontinued for a period of time. The new extension is very efficient and user-friendly, making the recruitment process easier in many ways!

Once the extension is installed, a visual will appear on relevant sites that shows what the tool has found about the subject of the search. It allows you to choose a category, such as “Social” or “Contact,” and then displays the information it has found in that category.

  • Choosing Contact displays any email addresses or phone numbers that the tool has found for that person.
  • Choosing Social tells the tool to search through various sites for the person’s social accounts. This includes everything from LinkedIn and Twitter to GitHub and StackOverflow. It will even display some recent content that the person has posted.
  • Choosing Skills provides you with a list of skills the person has, such as software proficiencies or programming languages.

Context Scout makes it very easy for you to switch between these different categories, so you can quickly learn as much information about a candidate as possible. It can also pull out other information, such as the location where the candidate is based or current job titles.

This tool is very user-friendly and brings together a lot of different information into one place. The visuals are neat and modern, and Context Scout is compatible with a wide variety of different websites, including Twitter, which many tools do not work on. Context Scout is a great tool from a great organization, and is highly recommended! ~ Noel Cocca


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